Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

Wan Hai Lines as an AEO certificate holder upholds the safety requirements of container transportation operation and is in full swing to assist Custom houses to fulfill safety measures in all aspects. We are committed to the principles of full participation and continuous improvements and shall endeavor to strictly enforce relevant safety policies and programs.

Supply Chain Safety Policy
  1. Abide by Laws, Rules and Regulations: Apply and enforce safety requirements and other safety guidelines set by the company according to international safety standard
  2. Reinforce Sense of Safety requirements: Periodically educate and propagandize all employees on Safety requirements
  3. Channels of Communication and Consultation: Establish appropriate two way channels for policy and information exchange among employees, clients and the Customs
  4. Fulfill Risk management: Assess and control risks to ensure Safety management of the supply chain
  5. Continuous improvement on what have achieved : Completely implement Safety management of the supply chain with endless pursuit to improvements