Wan Hai History

2010 ~ Future
2018 Year
  • FEBWan Hai Lines ranked No.1 in schedule reliability for the 2nd consecutive year 2016 & 2017
  • FEBWan Hai Lines to launch Far East – Red Sea (AR1) Service
2017 Year
  • FEBWAN HAI Lines again tops the “Container Shipping Line of The Year - Far East Trade Lane” Award from Gujarat Junction 2017.
  • JUNWAN HAI Lines enhances China / Southeast Asia Service Network.
  • JULBought two 1,805 TEU vessels and were deployed in the same year.
  • AUGWAN HAI tops container shipping schedule reliability in Q2.
  • AUGWAN HAI Lines to Launch Independent Cambodia Service
  • SEPAwarded “Container Shipping Line of The Year India-Far East Trade Lane“ for the sixth time in seven years
2016 Year
  • JANLaunched China / India Service II (CI2) jointly with IAL, PIL and MOL.
  • APRLaunched China / Manila / Thailand Service.
  • MAYLaunched Japan / India Service (CHS3) jointly with MOL.
  • JUNLaunch Mindanao / Malaysia / Belawan (MMS) Service.
  • DECWAN HAI Lines to join TBS Service with “K” Line.
2015 Year
  • JANLaunched Independent Kansai-Haiphong Service II
  • FEBAwarded of ''Best Shipping Agent,Customer Service for Colombo - Intra Asia Sector''.
  • MAR.Launched New Asia / Middle East Service.
  • MAR.Launched Independent South China-Vietnam-Malaysia Service.
  • APROperated Transpacific service from South PRC & Central PRC to the U. S. Pacific South West.
  • JUNWins the Award of ''Asian Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain Awards 2015''.
2014 Year
  • MAR.Launched Independent Mindanao Service.
  • JUNLaunched Far East to Pakistan / Mundra Express Service with Coscon SEA, China Shipping and PIL.
  • OCTAwarded '' Most Admired Company in Taiwan'' 2014 in the shipping category '' by CommonWealth Magazine.
  • DECAwarded OHSAS 18001 Certificate at Taichung / Kaohsiung terminal.
2013 Year
  • APRCommenced Pan Asia II (PA2) service with YML and PIL.
  • MAYCommenced Asia / South America West Coast (ASA) service with PIL, EMC and COSCON.
2012 Year
  • JANCommenced North China to Taiwan Second String NT2 service with Sinotrans.
  • AUGCommenced Japan / Indonesia service with IAL and MOL.
  • OCTAwarded ''Most Admired Company in Taiwan'' 2012 in the shipping category '' by CommonWealth Magazine.
2011 Year
  • MAR.Started a new container terminal in Cai-Mep area, Vietnam with HANJIN , MOL and SNP.
  • APRCommenced new WSA service with EMC, COSCON and PIL.
  • APRCommenced Taiwan / Madras Direct service with EMC and IAL.
  • APRCommenced Japan / Taiwan / Indonesia (JTI) service with IAL.
  • AUGYML joined in JTI service.
  • OCTOrdered four 1,871 TEU vessels from CSBC.
2010 Year
  • FEBCommenced Asia / South America East Coast service with CCNI, HANJIN, Hapag-Lloyd and ZIM.
  • MAR.Commenced East Africa Joint service with EMC and Simatech Shipping.

2000 ~ 2009
2009 Year
  • MAR.Bought two 1,809 TEU vessels and were deployed in the same year.
  • MAYCommenced Singapore / Malaysia / India (SC1) service with BTL.
2008 Year
  • JANFour 4,252 TEU and 6,039 TEU vessels previously ordered from CSBC were all delivered and deployed to service.
  • MAR.six 2,646 TEU vessels previously ordered from Jurong Shipyard., Singapore were all delivered and deployed to service.
  • APRUpgraded KSI service to China / Singapore / Malaysia / India (CCI) service.
  • JULCommenced the first feeder service in the Middle East.
2007 Year
  • FEBCommenced China / Red Sea service.
  • JUNOrdered six 4,252 TEU vessels from CSBC.
  • NOVCommenced China / Black Sea service.
2006 Year
  • MAR.Commenced Japan / HK / S.PRC / Singapore / Port Kelang (NS3) service.
  • APRCommenced China / HK / Singapore / Port Kelang (CIX) service with EMC and Hapag-Lloyd.
2005 Year
  • FEBImplemented ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS).
  • JULFirst 4,252 TEU new vessel was delivered from China Shipbuilding Corporation (CSBC) Kaohsiung, and deployed to CTP service.
2004 Year
  • APRCommenced Far East / Europe service with PIL.
  • MAYEstablished subsidiary company in Germany.
  • JUNCommenced China / North America Southern West Coast II (CTP II) service with CMA CGM & NORASIA.
  • JULOrdered four 4,252 TEU vessels (PANAMAX vessel) & four 6,039 TEU vessels (POST-PANAMAX vessel) from CSBC.
2003 Year
  • MAR.Start Japan dedicated terminal at Ohi pier #5, Port of Tokyo.
  • AUGEstablished WAN HAI Charity Foundation.
2002 Year
  • SEPSet up India subsidiary company .
2001 Year
  • MAYCommenced China / Southeast Asia service.
  • JUNCommenced China / American West Coast service .
2000 Year
  • MAYCommenced American West Coast service.
  • JULCommenced Guam service.

1990 ~ 1999
1999 Year
  • JULCommenced China-Middle East service with OOCL.
  • AUGCommenced Haiphong II service.
1998 Year
  • APRCommenced Middle East service with HMM.
  • NOVInaugurated Middle East II service.
1997 Year
  • MAR.Commenced Japan / Singapore / Malaysia Super Express service with APL and HMM.
  • APRCommenced the Cross Space Charter Agreement with Uniglory Marine Co. Obtained permission to run the Xiamen / Kaohsiung ''Offshore Shipping Centers'' business.
  • AUGCommenced Taiwan / Hong Kong / Xiamen service.
  • DECWAN HAI Taichung was upgraded from liaison office to branch.
1996 Year
  • APRCommenced Vietnam-Haiphong service.
  • MAYWAN HAI listed on the first board to Taiwan Stock Exchange.
  • JUNCommenced India service.
  • DECDedicated Terminal at pier 31 Port of Taichung was leased.
1995 Year
  • FEBHeld the 30th Anniversary Party at Taipei's Grand Hotel on Feb. 24 and awarded an honorable tablet by the President of R.O.C. Mr.Teng-Hui Lee.
  • JULCommenced Korea / Java service with HMM.
  • OCTCommenced Tianjin / Busan / Hong Kong / Southeast Asia service with Tientsin Marine Shipping Company. The Storage yard of Pier 17 West, Port of Keelung, was leased as an exclusive container yard of WAN HAI.
1994 Year
  • MAR.Obtained the management right of the National Shipping Corporation of the Philippines.
  • AUGWAN HAI's private berth in Kaohsiung shifted from Pier 42 to Pier 63.
1993 Year
  • MAR.BUL joined Java service.
  • JUNCommenced Vietnam service.
  • SEPAppointed as the general agency in Taiwan of Clan S.A.
  • NOVAppointed as general agent for World Logistics Service (U.S.A) Inc.
1992 Year
  • OCTEstablished WAN HAI Thailand branch office. Commenced Manila, Thailand and Indonesia service with YML.
1991 Year
  • MAR.Entered into a tonnage sharing agreement with HMM for Thailand and Southeast Asia Service.
  • APRCross-charter arrangement with MAIN GROUP for Japan / Taiwan and Taiwan / Southeast Asia service.
1990 Year
  • MAYCommenced Indonesia service.
  • JULCommenced Philippines service.

1980 ~ 1989
1989 Year
  • JUNCommenced Singapore / Malaysia service.
  • OCTCommenced Thailand service.
1988 Year
  • OCTCommenced Taiwan / Korea service.
1987 Year
  • JULKaohsiung berth #42 was leased as WanHai's dedicated terminal.
1985 Year
  • JUNM/V Fu Chun maiden call to Port of Taichung provides first liner service to Taichung.
1983 Year
  • MAYThe first carrier to split Taiwan/Japan service into Kanto and Kansai independently.
  • JUNCommenced Hong Kong service.
  • AUGEstablished a Liaison Office in Taichung. Act as agent for HUAL in Taiwan.
1982 Year
  • APRThe first batch of new 20ft container 1,300 units were procured.
  • JUNWAN HAI's computerization era began with installation of the HP 3000/42 system.
  • OCTAct as Taiwan agent for Hoegh-Ugland Auto Liners , A/S.

1965 ~ 1979
1978 Year
  • DECWAN HAI Kaohsiung office was founded.
1976 Year
  • JULThe first Full-container vessel M.V. MING CHUN was deployed to Taiwan / Japan service which initiated WAN HAI's full container liner service.
1969 Year
  • MAR.WAN HAI's first time ever new built log ship M.V. CHANG CHUN deployed to Japan / Taiwan and Southeast Asia service.
  • JUNOrdered a 6,000 DWT log vessel christened ''YI CHUN'' which also deployed to Japan / Taiwan and Southeast Asia service.
1966 Year
  •      Bought the first log vessel with 5,000 DWT from Japan christened ''WAN SHOU''.
1965 Year
  • FEBWAN HAI Steamship Co., Inc. was established on Feb 24th.
  • AUGBought a ''LIBERTY'' type bulk vessel christened ''FOSMAR'' and deployed between Japan and America for transporting steel.