OHSAS 18001

Occupational Safety & Health Policy and Certification
WAN HAI LINES LTD., has been well known as a leading container shipping company, insists to ensure the transportation safety and follow the laws and regulations of occupational safety and health in order to preventive controlling the damage and risk of accidents in the workplace and pursue the goal of ''non-accident'' and ''non-damage''.

We commit to devote to propelling the relevant policies and projects by the entire of members' participation and the idea of continue improvement.

  1. Complying with occupational regulations of safety and health, international conventions, and agreeing to observe other requirements.
  2. Establishing a safe working environment for container shipping and operation to ensure the safety of participants and equipments in the workplace.
  3. Enhancing the sense of safety and health and cultivating employee's concept of safety and health and preventing occupational human accidents through the educational training and measures of health improvement.
  4. Enacting occupational safety & health management system, and committing the participation, routine reviews, and improving the performance of safety and health management continually.