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Notice on Wan Hai Lines of Declaration Management
Dear Valued Customers,

Your esteemed company shall strictly and continuously comply with the requirements in any rules of Wan Hai Lines, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “WHL”), and the applicable regulations, laws, or conventions, in respect of, including but not limited to, declaration, packaging, labeling, carriage, or handling, disposal of cargoes, and shall honestly and accurately make the declaration of cargoes in accordance with the said requirements as well as the requirements made by the carrier, or the carrier’s agent prior to delivery of cargo to WHL’s designated locations, depots or terminals.

From now on, if the declarations and shipping forms and documents enclosed are not true and not accurate, WHL has the rights to immediately stop or suspend the delivery of the cargoes or terminate the contract of delivery for the cargoes at any time during the carriage. Your esteemed company (also including the shipper, the notifying party and the consignee) shall assume and bear any expenses and fees incurred and all liabilities of damages and losses, costs, including but not limited to, fines, forfeits, penalties, attorney fees, litigation costs, and, in addition, shall pay the punitive damages of USD30,000 per container for Hazardous Cargoes which declarations are intentional concealment, omission or misstatement, and USD20,000 per container for Non-hazardous cargoes which declarations are intentional concealment, omission or misstatement.

We shall appreciate your acknowledgement and support, to make carriage of cargo safe.

Sincerely yours