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Elite Recruitment
With flourishing development of the shipping industry, Wan Hai strides forward the ambition to be the worldwide shipping owner in Asia. Recently, the company will recruit almost 70 new employees, including sales, information technology, finance, purchasing, chief engineer and officer, terminal management, equipment management, etc. The company declared that more than seven thousand resumes had been received, and through the preliminary sifting, about 1,200 candidates come for participation. On the occasion, Wan Hai will select from the written examination and interviews.

Wan Hai declared that the shipping enterprise is an international industry and closely linked with global economic development; hence, we invite freshmen with international vision and the courage to challenge. For successful selection for newly employees, the written examination will be held twice in the Gis Convention Center/NTU on May 22; then the two-stage interview will be arranged for precise selection. Job vacancies open as follows:
Salesperson(Taipei/Taichung/Kaohsiung)、staffs including documents service/finance/human resource/general administration/terminal management and equipment logistics/maintenance/management、programming designer/system analyst、chief officer、chief engineer、secretary and members for general manager office.

Demands for manpower come from constantly growing shipping service, and the scope has spread out Europe and America; Hence, participation in Wan Hai is absolutely the best choice for the young people with ambition and brilliance, Wan Hai declared.