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WanHai never falls behind to Rescue Tsunami Disaster Areas
To help the victims of South Asia, WanHai took more efforts on mobilizing its worldwide branches to deliver relief goods but also raising more than NT$ 3 million from staffs and WanHai Charity Foundation for rescue and reconstruction work.

Taiwanese show their sympathy with the tsunami victims of South Asia; the government takes more than billion for support; domestic enterprises make donations in droves for rescue, even the concern from the marine and aviation is never absence, favoring with delivery operation. In the rescue action, WanHai mobilizes its branches worldwide such as offering hundreds of containers for relief goods; providing 190 containers for rice to the disaster area. Meanwhile, as the disaster had been spread out, the Dubai branch delivered two containers to Sri Lanka and India and donated around NT$ five hundred thousand for supports.

Besides shipping relief goods, WanHai staffs have spontaneously launched a raising campaign throughout the world. Up to the present, donations amount to NT$ 3 million, including raising from Taipei headquarter staffs, WanHai Charity Foundation, but also five hundred thousand rubles from the India branch and at least NT$ five hundred thousand from Thailand and Dubai branches. Staff donations keep going on, and total amounts to NT$ 3 million, WanHai Lines Ltd. Vice General Manager Lee Xuan-Hong declared.