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WanHai Signs Contracts with Singapore Jurong for the Vessel Construction
WanHai held a celemony for contracting the Singapore Jurong shipbuilding for the vessel construction in Taipei headquarter on December 14. The principal particulars of these two vessels signed are as follows: She has a maximum loading capacity of 2,646 teus; speed of vessel, 22.7 knots; maximum scantling draft, 11.5 meters, delivery on March and September, 2007 on schedule. Total accumulation six vessels will plunge into operation continually next May.

Previously, Wanhai ordered nine 4,250 teu vessels and four 6,019 teu vessels from CSBC(China Shipbuilding Corporation), and four 2,646 teu vessels from Singapore Jurong shipbuilding Co. Up to 2008, 19 vessels will be delivered; at that time, Wanhai's own fleet will amount to 59 vessels, with total spaces reach one hundred thrity-six thousand teus.

Dominating in Intra-Asia line for a long time, turnover and profits of Wanhai keep swift growth; besides, since stepping into ocean-going shipping line five years ago, WanHai had exploited West America Service I &Ⅱ and FarEast/Europe Service continually through independent or joint services. Contracting two more vessels substantially enhances self competition in global carrier as well as lowers the cost.