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Wan Hai awarded for its environmental efforts by the Port of Long Beach for the third year in succession.
Fourteen carriers were honored by the Port of Long Beach in April for their excellent contribution to the 2009 Green Flag Plan. Nearly 150 carriers participated in the voluntary program last year, WAN HAI Lines was the only Taiwan carrier to receive an award. The fourteen carriers all achieved 90% compliance with the plan. WAN HAI lines was 100% compliant with the 40 nautical miles speed program and also promoted Taiwan's environmental efforts to the world.

WAN HAI participated in the speed limits program from 2007. This is an entirely voluntary program in which vessels calling at the Port are asked to observe a 12-knot speed limit within 20 nautical miles of the Port. All WAN HAI's vessels calling at the Port of Long Beach complied with the program from 2008 and achieved the 40 nautical miles level in 2009. Moreover, in order to reduce air pollution, the vessels all adopted AMP (Alternative Maritime Power) by connecting to shore electric power.

From 2004,WAN HAI started to modify the design of containers by: using bamboo floors instead of hardwood; the reefer containers installed environmental software; applying paint without chlorine, fully implementing the green container plan. Wan Hai Lines was accredited by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) with the ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system in 2005. We continuously encourage and enhance environmental protection awareness in our employees, crew and business partners, advocating recycling and energy saving with the goal of reducing waste of resources. This environmental protective action has been implemented in every aspect of WAN HAI's business.

WAN HAI organized an internal team, which holds monthly meetings to review oil consumption of the fleet. In the office, WAN HAI has eliminated the unnecessary use of paper, water and electricity to the extent of 107 tons of carbon. The personnel have set up voluntary bicycle and gardening clubs to act on energy saving and to advocate the importance of natural resources.

WAN HAI has also made serious efforts to reduce ocean pollution and keep the ocean clean by using TAR free coating on the vessels and the fleet has also been equipped with anti-pollution facilities for bilge water and oil disposal. A shipboard oil pollution emergency plan (SOPEP) and Ballast Water Management Plan (BWMP) approved by the Classification Society has been consolidated. Advanced oil-water separators to meet Resolution MEPC107 (49) are used and the amount of electric power for unnecessary lighting and pumps has been reduced to minimize the number of on-board generators running and reduce CO2 emission. Caring for the natural resources of the earth is our enterprise philosophy and responsibility, "WE CARRY, WE CARE" is not only a slogan but also a core value of WAN HAI.