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Wan Hai Lines, WH232, successfully rescued Vietnam Fishing Boat
Wan Hai Lines Ltd (“WHL”) container vessel, Wai Hai 232, received a sea urgent assistance request from a Vietnam fishing boat at 3:00pm 30/MAR. while it was on its way departing from Surabaya port Indonesia and bound for Taipei port Taiwan. After analysing all collected information, Wan Hai Captain, Mr Wang, immediately instructed all crews to take actions and rescue the fishing boat. They soon changed the course towards the fishing boat in distress with full speed.

The Vietnam fishing boat encountered engine problem and was drifting. There were 8 crew on board waiting for assistance. After around 3 hours, Wan Hai 232 reached the scene and replenished them with food and fresh water. In addition, Wan Hai 232 helped connecting VMRCC by 232's AMOS equipment for further instruction. After confirming there was another sister fishing boat under way to rescue the broken fishing boat, Wan Hai 232 then resumed its original plan north bound to Taipei port.

Wan Hai 232 successfully rescued a suffered vessel, not only adhered to the international convention on search and rescue, but also was a good paragon in implementation. Wan Hai Lines Capt. Wang and his crew already set up a excellent standard and practice of ethics for all seafarers and carriers on marine rescue.