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WAN HAI LINES conquers Yu-shan peak with the highest profit in August.
It is thrilled for Wan Hai Lines to obtain a greater triumph in August after the outstanding performance in July, which achieves the highest monthly record of approaching 5.3 billion in the recent years. In order to celebrate this moment of glory, Tony Chow, the Senior Executive Vice President of WAN HAI LINES, has lead other six colleagues of the firm in conquering the highest peak in Taiwan, Yu-Shan Mountain. This accomplishment not only demonstrates the firm’s excellent service, but also creates a tighter cohesion amid the employees. WAN HAI LINES has gained the operating profit of 6.12 hundred million in the second quarter with the seasonal growth of 200%. In accumulative net profit of 8.14 hundred million with the first half year, and the benefits in NT$0.77 dollars of every stock have ushered the firm to the top among all shippers in Taiwan.

Mr. Tony Chow, Senior Executive Vice President of WHL , claims that it is not effortless to defeat the crest, yet being there truly acquire the tremendous scenarios of Taiwan that are long being neglected due to rapid and rushing life style. With the consort of colleagues and fulfilled vitality, Mr. Chow cannot help but admit this experience of Yu-Shan Mountain superiors from the places he has been in the world. He then declares his confidence toward the foreseeable performance of WAN HAI LINES in the coming boom season with remarkable profit even under the constant leveling fuel prices.

The second half of the year is always the rush season for the shipping business. With the collocation of increased shipping charges and the seasonal additional fees in Europe and America routes, the market is perky with outstanding profit. WAN HAI LINES has acquired 8 vessels this year in expectation of enhancing the global competitiveness, consolidating the leading status of intra-pacific shipper, and exploiting the domains in Europe and America. Without a doubt, WAN HAI LINES is connecting the world with its unique and brilliant network in satisfying customers’ needs with efficiency and proficiency.