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WAN HAI Christened New Vessels WH603, WH509
WAN HAI LINES held a christening ceremony for "WAN HAI 509" and "WAN HAI 602 " at CSBC CORP., TAIWAN Kaohsiung shipyard on Nov.21. Dr. Chen Ching -Chih, chairman of Wan Hai Lines presided over the great ceremony.

Though oil prices continue to soar, business among nations has hardly slowed down its pace as trading and carrying volume proved to be just as thriving. Due to this trend, Wan Hai Lines, in addition to its most intensive voyages and complete service network in Asia, has thus stretched further into the Middle East, Red Sea, USA, and Europe. Wan Hai Lines shall be reaching towards the Black Sea in November 2007, becoming one of the pioneers of this area. The delivery of new vessels shall no doubt enhance quality and efficiency of services.

The two vessels delivered, “Wan Hai 603” and “Wan Hai 509,” are part of the seven vessels to be expected this year. The former tends to be one of the largest vessels of the Wan Hai fleet, holding a maximum loading capacity of 6,039 TEU, a length of 276.2 meters, and a draft of 14 meters. The latter, “Wan Hai 509,” has a maximum loading capacity of 4,252 TEU, as well as a 268.8-meter length and 12.5-meters draft. Both ships meet International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) safe, secure, and clean shipping requirements, living up to WHL’s 2007 commitment of saving energy and resources.

Known as one of the leading container shipping companies in Taiwan, Wan Hai has carried out its responsibility toward environmental protection via various measures. Its endeavors among advocating energy-saving and green shipping equipment usage, as well as implementing the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System has proved to be fruitful. Wan Hai visions to maintain a balance between the environment and its operating costs, hoping to create a win-win situation.