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Wan Hai Lines Provides Container Transporting Materials for Japan Relief
A devastating 9.0 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale together with the consequential Tsunami has caused extensive damage in northeastern Japan on 11 March. The number of death toll and missing persons are increasing. Countries and humanitarian institutions around the world are seeking ways to help Japanese government and people with the hope to ease the disaster.

Wan Hai Lines is also appealing the mass to respond to the relief plan for Japan and will provide container transportation to deliver the rescue materials. Covering fourteen (14) Japanese major sea ports with six (6) northern services plying between Taiwan and Japan, Wan Hai also has many services from other countries to Japan which are able to send the recruited relieving material with fastest and shortest routes according to the relief plan.

Fourteen Japanese sea ports where Wan Hai provide direct link from Taiwan are: Tokyo,Chiba,Hakata,Kawasaki,Kobe,Mizushima,Moji,Nagoya,Osaka,Shimizu,Tokuyama,Yokkachi,Yokohama.

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