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Wan Hai's NS 1 Service Kicks off
In commemoration of Wan Hai"s NS1 service maiden voyage, Port & Harbor Bureau of OSAKA City held a welcome ceremony on 17 April for The historic event. Delegates from Kobe-Osaka International Port Corporation, Wan Hai Lines, and other related port operators have together witnessed this extravaganza.

Featuring Kanto to Hong Kong direct express service and Japanese main ports to Nansha port (Guandong, China) direct call, NS1 will further complement Wan Hai’s current service coverage for the Japan and Singapore/Malaysia corridor and increases its frequency to 3 sailings per week.

By providing shippers and consignees more options of direct services between Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and South China ports in both directions, it will also expand Wan Hai Lines’ market exposure to better serve customers’ needs.

The port rotation of NS1 : Osaka – Kobe – Nagoya – Kawasaki- Tokyo - Yokohama - Hong Kong - Nansha – Singapore – Port Klang – Cai Mep – Shekou - Hong Kong – Yantian - Osaka.