Charity Service

Social Responsibility - Demonstrating Our Love
Wan Hai Charity Foundation was approved by Ministry of the Interior on August 8th 2003 and was established on September 3rd of the same year. Its aim is to extend a helping hand to the needy. Since inception, the foundation has undertaken a variety of initiatives, including providing scholarship for primary school students in remote areas, subsidies for low income families, and sponsorship of

  1. Delivery of relief supplies
  2. South Asia tsunami relief – construction of a community learning center for children in Chennai, India
  3. Talent competition for the disabled
  4. Colorful containers are loaded for shipment to Cambodia
  5. Visits to seniors in need

Primary objectives of the fund are to provide:
  • Support for children and the physically/mentally disabled.
  • Support for the elderly.
  • Disaster assistance.
  • Support for disadvantaged families, emergency assistance, and scholarship programs in remote primary schools.
  • Assistance as directed by relevant authorities.
  • Other assistance and social welfare, such as medical assistance, donations, or organization of charitable activities.