Customers who elect to use electronic data interchange (EDI) services with Wan Hai benefit from a secure transfer protocol that allows us to quickly access your data and provide you with correct information.

Wan Hai's EDI Services Benefits
  • Fast processing of documents and avoidance of duplicate work
  • Improved file accuracy that avoids input errors, miscommunication, and human error
  • Reduction in transmission, fax, telephone, and other communication costs
  • EDI streamlines business management and communications

EDI Services Provided by Wan Hai
  • Booking requests
  • Booking confirmations
  • Shipping orders
  • Bills of lading
  • Cargo status
  • Sailing schedules

Wan Hai Lines EDI Standards
  • ANSI X12ANSI X12 Format for North America
  • UN/EDIFACTUN/EDIFACT Format for global services
  • XMLXML Format when agreed to by both parties

If you are interested in using EDI services, please contact us.
Taiwan kimmy_wu@wanhai.com
Global cheryl_huang@wanhai.com, ivy_tsai@wanhai.com